"Russian Spring" investigation: British secret services agent inventing lies about "Russian crimes in Syria" (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

"Russian Spring" investigation: British secret services agent inventing lies about "Russian crimes in Syria" (PHOTOS, VIDEO) | Русская весна

ВВС Russian published news according to which «60 were killed on Saturday after series of Russian airstrikes targeted at Ma’aret al-Nu’man in Western Idlib pprovince».

It has also been reported that «one missile hit local market».

Journalists of one of the most powerful British and world’s news agency become less and less critical as for informational sources choice whether deliberate or not.

All the facts used as a basis for that expose blaming Russian airborne for dozens of innocent victims were provided by «Syrian Observatory for Human Rights».

ВВС journalists do not even deny that «there is no proof for that information or other sources yet», however they confess this in the very end of the article when the whole picture of «Syrian slauighter by the Russian military» is already painted.

However one more mentioning of «Russian airborn air attack on Ma’aret al-Nu’man» can be found on YouTube channel of the Turkish (!) Anadolu Ajansı news agency — in the form of pointless 30 seconds long video which does not represent any evidence of Russian guilt.

But let’s get back to the above-mentioned «Syrian Observatory for Human Rights» having a very doubtful character as for information reliability and credibility.

It’s not only that this project was created and is implemented by active Syrian oppositioner Osama Ali Suleyman (operating mostly under the name Rami Abdul-Rakhman, but in the first place he has been living in English Coventry for more than 15 years under asylum and on terms of cooperation with English secret services).

Evidence of Suleyman’s cooperation with European secret services and his obvious bias may be seen in his interview for The New York Times in 2013 where he confessed «small subventions» from EU and «some European country» which he refused to name».

Suleyman’s credibility was doubted in 2012 at the dawn of Syrian conflict by powerful German edition Süddeutsche Zeitung. In its article titled Syrian Observatory for Human Right: сомнительные хроникеры смерти» journalist Jonas Schaible told about conflict of interests among the so-called Syrian oppositioners dwelling in Great Britain and creating the «Informational products» beneficial for them. Due to that «credibility» of the «Observatory…» as news source is doubtful», concludes Schaible.

Despite obvious bias of Suleyman in the period of anti-governmental forces uprise in Syria his «Observatory» became on of the key sources referenced by Western media when publishing overtly propagandistic news which could be proven — according to project author the sources (about two hundred information suppliers) he receives information from «reside on Syrian territory undercover».

Such international organizations like «Human Rights Watch» and «Amnesty International» do not hesitate when appealing to data reported (or concoted) by «Observatory». They eagerly refer to Suleyman’s information in their reports on «Russian airstrikes' victims in Syria».

In 2012 even English journalists criticized the way the unindentified undercover sources attack pro-Assad forces only and all the time. «The Guardian» in July 2012 published an articlle where authors tried to puzzle out what the Syrian opposition is. In section dedicated to the «Observatory» is was directly said that despite loud and immaculate organization name its data is a single-option information source for quite a number of news on such important topis as civil war in Syria so they should be verified more precisely than it was before.

This organization «is by no means the only Syrian news source to be quoted freely with little or no scrutiny», The Guardian article says.

To cut our small investigation short one has to sadly admit that even relative independence and credibility common for the Western media of XIX–XX centuries is dissappearing for good now giving way to shameless lies and North-Atlantic military propaganda bias.

If we look closer at the trends which led to such negative changes we may draw a conclusion that Western everyman is being prepared for the big war with the help of such information treatment.

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