Armed "saviours" under "an-Nusra" flags — Russian Spring investigation of White Helmets' strange "peacemaking" in Syria (PHOTOS, VIDEO 18+)

Armed "saviours" under "an-Nusra" flags — Russian Spring investigation of White Helmets' strange "peacemaking" in Syria (PHOTOS, VIDEO 18+) | Русская весна

«Russian Spring» continues its investigation of non-governmental organization White Helmets a. k. a. Syria Civil Defence’s shady activity. 

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We remind that this organization which was established in Syria in the beginning of 2013 is expected to be Nobel Peace Prize winner. 

But in fact White Helmets is not humanitarian organization supporting civil population but combat brigade which under cover of “helping Syrian children out of the blowdown” cooperates with Jabhat an-Nusra* terrorists and fights against governmental forces of Syrian Arab Republic for Western money. 

«Volunteers» with guns 

«White Helmets» constantly claim that they keep neutrality on the territories controlled by an-Nusra and ISIS terrorists.

But numerous photo- and video-evidnces suggest the opposite: the Helmets are often not only witnesses but also participants of murdering civilians, cruel torments and executions of loyalist soldiers. 

For example here on the video White helmets member does not conceal his weapon. The video was filmed in October 2015:

WH «activists» have been spotted on the photographs made in Jabhat an-Nusra controlled districts more than once. In particular in Idlib and Hama provinces. The «volunteers» look quite ambiguous with terror group’s flag on the background. 

The photographs witnessing double faced nature of this organization have been spread all over the Internet: White Helmets’ members are easy to change their humanitarian accessories to weapons and military uniform.

When we look at these photos it becomes clear that WH “volunteers” have no problems with picking up the guns and bringing chaos and death to the civilians whose fate they supposedly care for. 

But the most prominent evidence of WH connections with terrorists and radical Islamists is a footage depicting cruel execution of a young man accused of some crime by terrorists’ court.

The footage shows White Helmets’ “activists”  appearing on the scene just after the execution to take the body away.  And it’s obvious that they have no objections, they approve of it. 

The video is not recommended for persons under 18 years old and sensitive ones!

The next video filmed in Idlib province as loyalist forces soldier was captured as a prisoner also confirms the abovementioned thesis: White Helmets and terrorists are the same. The video clearly shows that the “helpers” are on good terms with group of extremists attacking prisoner and they are not eager to better his lot.

Lying through teeth

White Helmets’ orientation to overt political propaganda was obvious from the beginning of their activity but it got more and more obvious as Syrian legal government fought for country’s sovereignty restoration. 

By the beginning of Russian AF mission in Syria the Helmets have completely lost their ties with reality and have decsended to falsehood pursuing goals they had been created for — to set society against legal Syrian authorities as well as against Russia.

Helmets’ representatives did not even try to justify scandalous tweet made on the 30th of September 2015 at their official Twitter account soon after Russian Air Forces made the first airstrikes on terrorists’ positions in Syria. 

The photo which was deleted from account soon after the scandal swirled was titled  «Russia strike in Homs today, 33 civilians killed including 3 children and 1 volunteer of Syrian Civil Defence.

The photo depicts one of the «volunteers» in a uniform with WH chevron. He holds heavily wounded girl on his hands. Of course that photo was a shock for everyone who saw it and unfounded accusations against Russian military (as it often happens in such cases) had certain effect — hundreds of Internet users called for justice and were boiling over such «criminal» (as they believed) form of support from Russia.

But shocking effect of this photo was replaced by puzzlement soon and then by indignation towards White Helmets — many readers recognized another photo which had been made 5 days before Russian military mission in Syria.

On the 25th of September the same photograph depicting soldier and a wounded child was published on «Syrian Network For Human Rights» web page.

In the end of the day Helmets replaced photograph of a “voluneer” with a child with a photo of blowdown which could be made in any region of a war-torn country.

About chief «volunteer-terrorist»

As for White Helmet head Raed Saleh whom we told about in the first part of our investigation (in April 2016 he was denied entry to the USA as a terrorists suspect) it must be remembered that he has become famous in Syria because of his absurd accusations against Assad’s government; he accused the authorities for implementing warfare poisonous agents against Syrian people.

Saleh’s constant urge to blaim official Damascus even for those terror acts responsibility for which have been taken by the terrorists made him look like “vigilante” and vocal opponent to Syria’s existing political regime.

However such position can hardly be associated with neutral leader of a peaceful humanitarian organization members of which are trying hard (with zero success though) to underline their political independence and disinterest in one or another group rising to power.

As Saleh constantly advocates no-fly zone over Syria (one of the most popular ideas in the rows of radical opposition) the conclusion offers itself: all his efforts are directed to the benefits of such terror groups as Jabhat an-Nusra because Russian and Syrian Air Force continue their fly missions in the Syrian sky, so terror groups are the only beneficiaries of no-fly zone regime.

In the next part of our inquiry we will dwell on how White Helmets were established, how they are being funded by notorious American billioner George Soros and on West’s desperate efforts to whitewash the Helmets. 

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* terror group prohibited in Russian Federation

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