Russian MoD trolled US Department of State

Russian MoD trolled US Department of State | Русская весна

Russia’s Ministry of Defence harshly commented on John Kirby’s statements on Russian planes constantly bombing civil objects in Syria.

«After three days have passed it becomes clear that Aleppo “hospitals” and “mobile clnics” supposedly destroyed by bombs exist only in Pentagon representative’s imagination», — sarcastically said Russian MoD offcial, general-major Igor Konashenkov.

These strange «informational gaffes» according to Russian MoD press service will stay as «will at least stay a stain on Admiral Kirby’s uniform if not his biography».

Igor Konashenkov said that if one counted number of supposedly destroyed medical institutions it would turn out that there are nothing but the hospitals in Syria.

General-major has also said that Russia appealed to American, English, French and German officials and to international human rights organizations to receive any specific information about destroyed “hospitals”, “schools”, “kindergartens” in the areas controlled by the terrorists but the answer was always the same — “nobody disposes of such information”.

Defence Ministry officials underline that all Western data are obtained from local «journalists» and «activists» or from «White Helmets». There is British Government’s official report «Great Britain’s non-humanitarian aid to Syria in 2012–2015» where it is said that «White Helmets» had received 15 million pounds from official London and some other media — 5 300 000 pounds more.

«In Russia we call it mutual admiration society. But John Kirby has no clue about that», — summed up general-major Konashenkov.

The Syrians themselves laught at the news reports on hundreds of kindergartens, schools and hospitals destroyed by bombs. There is a “map” of Aleppo where all the territory controlled by the Islamists consists of civil objects and medical instutions, the map is very popular in Arab and Enlish-speaking social media.

Russian MoD trolled US Department of State | Русская весна
Russian MoD trolled US Department of State | Русская весна
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