'The Voice' footage and photo from 2007: all lies about «Moscow's and Damascus' cimes in Aleppo» uncovered (PHOTO, VIDEO 18+)

'The Voice' footage and photo from 2007: all lies about «Moscow's and Damascus' cimes in Aleppo» uncovered (PHOTO, VIDEO 18+) | Русская весна

The past week was marked with a really decisive success of the Syrian army in Aleppo where governmental troops supported by Russian military specialists had managed to knock the Islamist militants out of the Eastern quarters o the city.

As reported by “Russian Spring” the militants cried and exploded weapon depots while leaving the city

It is quite understandable that such military success which could turn the tide of Syrian war was painfully acepted by the West. The diplomats, politicians and official representatives hurried to blame Moscow and Damascus for supposedly «inhuman» methods of Aleeppo liberation.

As The West has no real evidences of the Syrian and Russian “crimes”  biased journalists and activists were involved in  the business. The latter started to “bom” Western audience with fake photos and videos.

A Lebanese journalist Dima Sadek illustrated his tales about alleged «atrocities» of the Syrian troops in Eastern Aleppo with the photo made in Pakistan 9 years ago. 

The journalist felt free to use John Moore’s famous photo made in Pakistani Ravvalindi on December 27, 2007, where more than 20 died including ex-PM Benazir Bhutto after suicide bomber’s attack.

Here is another yet more cynical example: in the middle of September a tear-squeezing photos of a running girl was being spread. All the girl’s family «was killed» (according to the photo’s description).

«It’s not in Hollywood, this is real in Syria», — says the comment with Save_Aleppo hashtag.

Pay attention: there hundreds of retweets and likes

The funniest thing is that it is basically Hollywood. To be more precise it is a shot from music video released in 2014 году.

The girl actress liked by fake photos distributors starred in «Al Rabih Al Arabi» music video of the famous Lebanese singer Hiba Tawaji, participant of French “The Voice” 4th season..

From 3:44

Another shocking shot spread on Facebook and Twitter with the same hashtag: inconsolable father lent over his child’s body who died in bombing. 

This is not Aleppo as well. It is screenshot from the video filmed in Palestinian Sector Gaza on July 10, 2014.

There are dozens if not hundreds of such fake photos “from Eastern Aleppo” over the social networks now. Western leaders cannot get over the fact that Syrian governmental trrops supported by the Russian military managed to do what seemed almost impossible — retake Eastern quarters of Syria’s nothern capital and liberate them from the so called moderate terrorists. 

As a result media and some jounalists «tamed» by power elites are doing their best to negate Syrian Arab Army’s success and Russian military advisers’ success, are trying to make them look like murderers, barbarians and blaming them for war crimes.

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However unbiased information speaks the opposite: thousands of civilians evacuated from Eastern Aleppo, tears of joy in the eyes of people who could feel safe after a long time, arrangements allowing militants ready to lay down arms to leave the encircled quarters  — all of these distinquish Moscow’s and Damascus’ humanism.

Remember there is only one way to oppose information attacks in the media and social networks: to take information outgushing from TV and computers critically, to assess it, study and find solid evidences of its falseness.

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