The «White Helmets»: whom does the U.S. civil defence group help in Syria? (Video)

The «White Helmets»: whom does the U.S. civil defence group help in Syria? (Video) | Русская весна

Defenders of Avaaz, large U.S. organization, for two days have collected $ 1 million for the «White Helmets» — activists, who also call themselves human rights activists. 

Allegedly, they are ready to rescue the Syrians after the bombing to first rush. However, the «White Helmets» work on Syrian terrorists-controlled territories, and the sources of their funding raise questions. Some experts state that the money collected by the US human rights activists maybe sent to terrorists.

The creators of Avaaz, the large American system for the development of petitions and social campaigns, call people around the world to donate money to the «White Helmets» organization. According to media sources, its founder is the British intelligence officer James Le Mesurier connecting with American private military company, which is on of Pentagon contractors.

In early December, the organizers of campaign set a goal to collect $ 1 million for the «White Helmets» organization. The money had been collected just for two days. After that, the Avaaz organization offered to extend the campaign and additionally collect one million dollars.

«73 500 lives. This is the number of people rescued by the «White Helmets» organization in Syria, the authors of petition claim on the Avaaz website.

«White Helmets» the first to rush to the places affected by the bombing to get people out of the ruins and move them to a safe place.

However, there is no mention in the petition that the «White Helmets» organization works only in the armed opposition-controlled area. In addition, they do not allow that representatives of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement present there.

«If we jointed our forces, we would have enough opportunities to ensure recognition of the „White Helmets”, which they deserved, and finance, which they so desperately needed. Avaaz will send them 100% of the collected money. Let's give hope to those heroes and the country in trouble», human rights activists claimed.
Note that the organization Avaaz was launched in 2007 to «implement the democratic mission»: to call people all over the world to save the animals and collect donations for the environment protection, to organize protests, to carry out large-scale campaign against violations of human rights in the Middle East etc.

The founder of the organization, 39-year-old Ricken Patel, was voted «Ultimate Gamechanger in Politics» by the Huffington Post in 2012. The Avaaz's headquarters is located in New York. There are also offices in France, Germany, Great Britain and other countries.

One of the most large-scale event organized by Avaaz was the campaign against U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The helmets and mannequin challenge

Activists of the «White Helmets» who call themselves a human rights organization work in the Syrian rebel-held area and are financed by people who openly opposed to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Recently, «Helmets» broke out big scandal after their participation in the popular «Mannequin Challenge». They shot a video that at first glance depicted a real rescue operation in one of the Syrian cities, where a local resident was partially buried under the debris,.

The Syrian Revolutionary Forces, which earlier had posted the video online, removed it immediately after critics that this video and others shot by so-called activists could be staged.

What is spoken about in Syria?

The Western media call the «White Helmets» independent human rights activists. It’s reported that they have saved dozens of thousands of lives and helped civilians in conflict zones. However, RT’s Lizzie Phelan found out that the Aleppo people are negatively disposed to the rescuers.

They accuse the «White Helmets» of the theft: they say that if the «human rights» activists noticed a jewelry on the body, then would take it.

Moreover, a Syrian man told RT, that the «Helmets» killed his young daughter.

«When I brought my daughter to the hospital, they injected air in order to kill her», he said.

The combat situation

The «White Helmets» posted in the Internet photos of schools and hospitals that allegedly had been destroyed by the Syrian Air Force or the Russian Aerospace Forces.

However, Abdullah al-Muhaysini, a leader of «Al-Nusra Front» ultra radical terrorist organization, in an interview called the «White Helmets» «civil mujahedeen» and thanked the Syrian activists, who are no different from these men sit in the trenches and at the barricades, for the fight against the Syrian regime.
It is noteworthy that some leaders of the organization, donated by the United States, are terrorists in the USA.

For example, in April 2016 one of the main activists of the «White Helmets» Raed Saleh denied entry into the USA. The official explanation was that visa had already cancelled. However, according to the U.S. media reports, the head of the humanitarian organization was suspected of terrorist activity.

According to Alexander Shatilov, a political scientist, the money collected by Avaaz for the «White Helmets» may be sent to support the Syrian opposition and the ISIS terrorists.

«It should be stressed that today human rights organization is a kind of commercial project, not voluntary. The efforts of the activists are in interest of politics, intelligence etc.

The „White Helmets” activists act as intermediaries or advertising, that is, cover the actions of the authorities», the expert said.

Shatilov also remind that the so-called humanitarian organization «White Helmets» several times was caught in fake videos.

«There are photos in the Internet, which show that the „White Helmets” simulated heavy injuries of the local people, who allegedly had been suffered after the Russian air strikes. For example, an alive girl, who was allegedly killed three times, the expert said.

„The United States does everything to prevent the defeat of its allies, the Assad’s opposition”.

PR stunt

According to Sergei Sudakov, an expert in American studies, the money collected by the human rights activists, will be used to rehabilitate the image of the United States in the Syrian conflict.

«The USA is trying to attract more attention to Syria. The fundraising provided by the social activists — is a PR stunt. They want to show the world that the soft power works. All American human rights activists connects with the State Department and personally with Mr. Kerry. The USA wants to use the „public diplomacy”, that is, the human rights activists. The U.S. government plans to conduct a humanitarian mission for media effect only», the expert believes.

* Prohibited in Russia terrorist organizations.

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