«Crowded funeral» of Russian ambassador's killer in Turkey turned out to be fake (PHOTOS)

«Crowded funeral» of Russian ambassador's killer in Turkey turned out to be fake (PHOTOS) | Русская весна

The man who killed Russian ambassador Mevlyut Mert Altyntash (Mevlüt Mert Altıntaş) had been born in the Western part of Turkey in Aydin province. First he lived in a village with his grandfather, then the family moved to Söke not far from Aydin town, near Aegean Sea.

The town was small, its inhabitants were mostly into farming.

The family was poor, the house was on a mortgage that is why when the son was enrolled to Police Academy it was a blessing for the whole family. So when he was fired from police after failed coup attempt this was a real tragedy. But what shocked the family most of all was the news their son and brother had committed murder of the Russian ambassador.

According to Turkish traditions the dead are to be buried where they were born or where their parent lived. The body of 22 y.o. Mevlyut Mert Altyntash who was neutralized Devember 19th after he had killed Russian ambassador Andrey Karlov, was left at Ankara’s morgue which contradicted Islamic traditions.

People say that the relatives were scared to take the body from morgue, another version was that the police did not allow the body to be taken. Turkish press was dissapointed when they arrived to Söke — family members (the parents Israfil and Hamide Altyntash, sisters and uncle) had dissapeared from the town (it transpired some time later that they were temporarily detained and let 2 days later).

— Seems like they have left, their windows were dark after what had happened, — tell the locals. — But no one saw them packing or leaving. They are going to return. 

Söke residents were against that the terrorist to be burried within the town. This contradicts to some hoaxes about them supposedely supported the act of terror committed by their fellow countryman.

— We do not want him to be burried here next to our relatives, — say the neighbours.

Head of the dustrict Fatih Gürer also said that he was agianst that the terrorist to be burried in Söke.

Some even say that Altyntash is going to be burried at a cementry for homeless.

Finally it was decided to bury the terrorist at local cemetery where his parents live, regarding that they were not allowed to leave the town. When the first funeral photos were published some media, especially the Ukrainian raise a fuss and made a hoax about thousands visitors at the funeral.

But it has transpired that photographs in the Ukrainian and other anti-Rusian media showing crowds of peopleare nothing but fake. There photos were really taken at Abdulsamet Ozen's funeral, he was serviceman died because of terror act. This is the screenshot from the video.


Library corner dedicated to Russian ambassador A. Karlov was established and opened to public at one of Söke’s cafes recently. So one can draw his own conclusions as for real attitude of the town residents to what happened.

«Crowded funeral» of Russian ambassador's killer in Turkey turned out to be fake (PHOTOS) | Русская весна
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