How Donetsk and Lugask Republics' flags in the Crimean “ARTEK” camp should be understood? (PHOTO, VIDEO)

How Donetsk and Lugask Republics'  flags in the Crimean “ARTEK” camp should be understood? (PHOTO, VIDEO) | Русская весна

The presence of delegations of the LPR and DPR, and also the carrying of the Republics’ flags by children on the stage among the flags of other foreign states, including Australia, the US, France, Japan, and Ukraine during the solemn opening ceremony of the 7th changeover in Artek, of course, doesn’t stretch to the recognition of the Republics, as some optimists are inclined to treat this event.

However, it would also be nonsensical to completely deny the value of this important symbolic step. It is clear that Vladimir Putin’s visit to “Artek” was planned by the Presidential Administration, which, of course, consciously put in the plan of action such a rather scandalous element as the demonstration of the State symbols of unrecognized separatists formations, whose fight for the right to live according to their own will Russia secretly supports.

It is obvious that this support becomes more and more visible and the President of Russia deliberately makes steps that specify the intention of the leadership of the country to continue in the future to give help to Donbass. However, as we know, the Russian President is not a supporter of a sharp and radical change of the political exterior. That’s why the LPR and DPR are marked as foreign states not at the level of interstate relations — it could be done only after the act of full recognition, as was the case with Abkhazia and South Ossetia — but within the framework of a media event, which, of course, doesn’t impose any legal obligations on Russia.

Nevertheless, of course, a scandal was being counted on. The screenwriters of the ceremony from the Presidential Administration well understood that uproar will be staged by “Ukrainian partners”, having seen the outrageous picture with separatist flags, and how their negative reaction will give to the event specific volume. But it is clear that such was the will of the head of state — he wished to inform the city and the world that in this or that display Russia is with and for Donbass, and intends to raise in the long term the status of cooperation up to recognition of the Republics. It seems, the hint at this was made so unambiguous that to interpret this shocking ceremony somehow otherwise will hardly be possible.

Also quite significant is the circumstance that the action of this play was developed in Crimea, because it is clear that the present – challenged by Ukraine and the West – status of the territory as a subject of the Russian Federation is exactly the sort of thing that the people of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics have for three years been stood in line for. Respectively, the Crimean land in this case looks like some kind of isthmus connecting Donbass with Russia in a complicated way. Crimea received the desirable, while the rebellious territories stay for various reasons in a regime of waiting, but this can end and Donbass, after its Black Sea colleague, can find itself where it tries to arrive by all means.

In general it is necessary to say that Crimea indeed really serves as some kind of point of transition. It is precisely with Crimea that the Republics now develop various contacts — economy, education, culture. The heads of the LDPR participate in official government meetings, the agreements on cooperation are being signed both at the intergovernmental level and between the ministries and departments. The signing of the agreement on cooperation between Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Crimea and the DPR took place on June 16th of this year. At the ceremony the Crimean representative stated that the peninsula intends to develop cooperation and to bring goods from the Donetsk Republic to new markets.

But Crimea is not the only door through which the Republics come into Russia. There are also other levels of relationship — both vertical and horizontal. All the Republics’ ministries and departments directly, bypassing the leadership of the LDPR, are supervised by the relevant Russian structures. Officials from Moscow regularly pay visits to Donetsk and Lugansk to help with the solution to these or those issues. Moreover, the status of curators is not at all unimportant — Moscow assigned the care of the region to deserved and high-ranking people.

But this is not all. There is also movement in the opposite direction. Donetsk and Lugansk business executives, physicians, operators, etc. at their own initiative conduct a search for mutually advantageous contacts with the Russian regions interesting for them, and try to come to agreement about cooperation and interaction. Sometimes it works well, sometimes not, but the Republics acquiring bilateral ties in an attempt to independently expand the integration space is a fact.

Of course, not everything develops so smoothly as it is written. For example, the extraction of industrial enterprises of Donbass from the collapse caused by the blockade drags its heels. There is a lack of a regulatory base, raw materials arrive in insufficient quantities, there is no working capital, the level of readiness of the Russian markets for the acceptance of production from the Republics is small, but the first steps are already taken. So far it is too early to speak about successes. Informed people state that in the loudly advertized operation on saving Donbass’ industry there are more hitches today than achievements. But the direction of the movement is defined. From this way already nobody — neither Donbass, nor Russia — is going to deviate it.

And, maybe, it is indeed this same main message made by Vladimir Putin from a stage where before his speech the children solemnly carried flags of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics.

Andrey Babitski

Translated by Stalkerzone, in Russian: Как расценивать флаги ДНР и ЛНР в «Артеке»? (ФОТО, ВИДЕО)

How Donetsk and Lugask Republics'  flags in the Crimean “ARTEK” camp should be understood? (PHOTO, VIDEO) | Русская весна
How Donetsk and Lugask Republics'  flags in the Crimean “ARTEK” camp should be understood? (PHOTO, VIDEO) | Русская весна
How Donetsk and Lugask Republics'  flags in the Crimean “ARTEK” camp should be understood? (PHOTO, VIDEO) | Русская весна
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