Suddenly: West started to recognise America's fault in Boeing MH17 crash over Donbass 

Suddenly: West started to recognise America's fault in Boeing MH17 crash over Donbass  | Русская весна

In the beginning of September this year a book by Kees van der Pijl titled «Shot. МН-17, Ukraine and new cold war» will be published in Europe. Mr. van der Pijl is a political analyst, emeritus professor of international relations at the University of Sussex, he was one of the founders of Committee of Vigilance Against Resurgent Fascism which he currently presides.  

The book will be published in German by Cologne publishing house «Papi-Rossa». Blog titled 'Der Abschuss Flug MH17' is available on Internet, it contains  publication  information, links to the sources which have been used and link for feedback.

Book's author reveals main causes of the crash and brings the reader to a conclusion that the responsibility for the death of MH-17 crew and passengers lies with the West, not Russia.

According to Kees van der Pijl the only beneficiary of the tragedy is the United States. He notes that Washington has been seeking opportunity to introduce restrictive measures against Moscow before. The aim was to underminine Russian gas industry and to avoid strengthening of Russia on the global stage.

One of the evidences are the events dated July 16 2014, which is one day before the plane crash. That was the day when Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa signed an agreement on the establishment of BRICS Bank, which Washington viewed as a competitor of the IMF and the World Bank. Putin and Merkel agreed on a new concept for resolving the Ukrainian crisis without US participation. This was bound to be a thorn on the United States' flesh.

In addition, after the Boeing crash the task of creation a springboard for the activation of American gas companies' activities in the European space and forcing Russia out of the EU market was solved. Moscow was forced to abandon the construction of the «South Stream», and relations with the official Kiev, which turned out to be a bargaining chip in the dirty games of the West, finally deteriorated.

Kis van der Peel tried to explain all these nuances in his book, which is intended to induce the reader to make an independent conclusion about who is guilty of the crash of MH-17 flight. Despite the fact that the author refrains from far-reaching conclusions and judgments as to who could benefit from the plane crash, who could initiate and commit it, the responsibility of the West becomes obvious.

Aleksander Chernov, exclusively for «Russian Spring»

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