Shots from Syria: Militants cry, they are harmed by Russia and Assad (PHOTOS)

Shots from Syria: Militants cry, they are harmed by Russia and Assad (PHOTOS) | Русская весна

Kazakhstan’s capital Astana will host the seventh round of Syria talks October 30–31. Main topic of the meeting will be stabilization of ceasefire regime.  

Russia, Тurkey, Iran will take part in the talks along with conflicting parties – Syrian government and opposition. Observers from UN, Jordan and the USA will also be present. 

In the meantime two weeks before the talks illegal militants dislcated near Damascus started informational campaing aimed at discrediting Russia’s and Syrian authorities’ deescalation efforts. 

In particular opposition’s information resources like «Jobar News», «Ghouta Now» are publishing stories about mortar and artillery shelling of East Ghouta residential quarters. 

At the same time «Jabhat an-Nusra»* and «Faylaq ar-Rakhman» militants keep on shelling residential quarters of Damascus and governmental forces’ positions. They even share the reports on soial media. Several days ago terrorirsts reported tha blasted tunnels net dug under Syrian positions on the front line near Jobar area. One month before dozens of Republican Guard officers died when command post had been blownup with the help of mine-studded underground passage.  

October 27 5 residents of Jarman district in the East of Damascus were wounded by islamists’ mortar bombs. On October 25 Dahiyat Harasta al-Assad disctrict quarters experienced shelling from jobar area. Old town of Damascus has been «Jabhat an-Nusra» islamists’ aim more than once.

It is clear why not only Russian reconciliation centre detects ceeasefire violation but also Turkish side. Those violations come from opposition’s side not the governemental forces. 

Another propaganda offensive front — humanitarian

«Jayish al-Islam» command participating in Astana process on the side of opposition made a series of statements on hard humanitarian situation in Douma town on the territory controlled by them. Each day oppositional media resources report food, medicine and essential goods shortage in east Ghouta. Those messages are illustrated with photographs of starved children on the brink of death. 

But while blaiming Syrian governemt for economic blockade they keep silence about checkpoint regularly working at Mahayam Al-Wafeddin. Both commercial cargos and humanitarian convoys under the egis of Red Crescent pass freely through this checkpoint. Though according to official statements of the islamists holding East Ghouta they do not distribute humanitarian supplies among civilians but send them to their own warehouses.

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On the numerous photos of the meeting against “blockade” being spread by oppositional media resources and favoured by Western media children do not look starved or undernourished in comparison to fake photos from Internet.

No wonder — East Ghouta is known to be rich agricutural region. Islamists’ children are unlikely to starve taking into account the amounts of humanitarian foodstuff which are being regularly seized from humanitarian convoys and free trade. It is peculiar that the militants themselves are well-fed and don’t look starved.

Another thing is that not everyone in East Ghouta support illegal armed groups. So Kafr-Batna residents have gone out to the streets demanding to release their sons from prison (because they refused to serve as «Fayaq ar-Rakhman» and «Jabhat an-Nusra»* militants) could really be deprived of food and medicines.

Bassem al-Nouami

* terror organization banned in Russian Federation

These strange photos are meant to illustrate the harsh living of the militants. But the child on the photo surely shows no inanition.

Shots from Syria: Militants cry, they are harmed by Russia and Assad (PHOTOS) | Русская весна
Shots from Syria: Militants cry, they are harmed by Russia and Assad (PHOTOS) | Русская весна
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