Voluntary surrender: we are Russian trolls

Voluntary surrender: we are Russian trolls | Русская весна

Britain and the US made an unprecedented statement that Russia has penetrated into millions of computers and threatens cyber attacks on Western civilization.

This shows that the West joins forces not only in Syria, but also in terms of cyberwar. Already there is information that "the activity of Russian trolls has increased hundreds of times."

This can be a prelude to tightening sanctions. In this connection I am forced to make a confession: I am a Russian troll. Yes, the same. One of the millions "who are registered in the state of Olgino and receive salaries from Prigogine."

It is we who are active users of social networks from Russia that undermine the security and integrity of Europe, interfere in elections and appoint presidents around the world.

How? Yes, it's very simple. Our main advantage is that we use the head not only to have it in it, but also to work with information.

We are not lazy to look for primary sources and read further the headlines. We know how to talk with Good Ol’ Google and how to use the image search service. We have a good memory.

But not because at birth a staff member of the KGB planted a microcircuit there. But because our brain is our most important flash drive. Which is not threatened by any technical malfunction and cyberattack. Each of us has good basic knowledge in chemistry, physics and other sciences. No, these are not special courses of the FSB. They just taught us well in school.

Yes, many of us can not hack your computer. But we can blow up your brain with just one inconvenient question or fact from your not so distant history. Yes, we do not believe the word to gentlemen, and if we are not provided with evidence, we are looking for and finding ourselves.

Each of us is already a bit of a lawyer, a military expert, a historian, an international lawyer and a fake recognition specialist. And you yourself forced us to become like that. Your infinite lies, impunity and threats led us to understand that it is possible to fight against you, including exposing your lies and unseemly acts.

It's clear that you do not like it. You, who are accustomed to being the truth in the last resort, today climb to the wall from the fact that every word of yours is full of facts and counterarguments that expose you.

That's why you want to outlaw us, calling the trolls and frightening us of your trusting philistine, whom you spend daily lobotomy with your fake news.

Because their ignorance is your main strength. Equally, how your world is a war, and your freedom is their slavery.

We, with our irrepressible thirst for truth, undermine your decades-old created bubble of misinformation, with which you want to envelop the entire planet.

And your main stronghold is a society based on spiritual poverty and ignorance. Moreover, because in the mass of people, people are weak and cowardly, they are afraid of the truth and you use it, controlling them with deception. All clearly according to Orwell.

It is for this reason that you call the trolls of anyone who in the slightest way undermines your "authority", expressing doubt in your "truthfulness" and making public the unpleasant facts that you want to hide.

That's why Assange stuck in the embassy of Ecuador, Snowden hides somewhere in the vicinity of Moscow, and thousands of the most active Russian-speaking users are blocked daily by "Facebook".

You are afraid of us. Therefore, they declared war on us. Not realizing that we are much more than it means in the "salary statements from Olgino" that you concocted.

In fact, we are "darkness, and darkness, and darkness." For every citizen of Russia, who stands up for his country and is even slightly interested in politics, will in your understanding be a troll.

And now estimate on the calculator how many of us, and tell us how you plan to silence us and thus win.

We listen very carefully.

And, yes! You can continue to impose sanctions against us. That's just, I'm afraid, from this we will become even more active. And do you need it?)

Yuliya Vityazeva

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