Who turned Aleppo into ruines? — "Russian Spring" investigation (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Who turned Aleppo into ruines? — "Russian Spring" investigation (PHOTOS, VIDEO) | Русская весна

There is plenty of accusations against Russian Air Force for turning Syria's biggest city - Aleppo into ruins. So the military department of the "Russian Spring" decided to remind the real story of Syrian conflict in this regions which one was bloomimg and prosperous.

Aleppo Battle 2012 — 2015

One of the most devastating and bloody episode o the Syrian war is connected with Aleppo battle. Contro over the city is regarded as a priority by the both sides of conflict. Since 2012 Western part of the city has been controleed by Syrian Arab Army and the Eastern part is controlled by the various islamist and anti-governmental groups. The sides are employing artillery, tanks, mortar launchers and explosives.

The jihadists and the so called moderte opposition were known for acts of terror imed at the civilians before urban combats start but as the war unfolded this tactic was used often and everywhere: suicide bombers aoften explode themselves at governmental forces' checkpoints and in crowded places. 

Airstrikes on Aleppo before Russian Air Force operation were carried out by both Western anti-terror coalition and Syrian AF. The facts of the devastating airstrikes by Wesern coalition are recognized even by Assad's enemies including the Western propagandisic organizations like Human Rights Watch and Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. the example was published at Newsru.co.il 3 May 2015

Aleppo ruins after acts of terror, urban combats and airstrikes before 2015 

For all those ill-memory propagandists it could be reminded that photos of ruined Aleppo went viral on the Internet long before Russian Air Force's operation in Syria.

Reasons of the devastation were heavy urban combats, suicide bombers explosions and airstrikes but of course tehre were no Russian war planes at that tme there.

Photo was originally published at British ibtimes.co.uk 17 Nov. 2014. Caption reads: «Buildings reuces to rubble in the Kalasa neighbourhood of Aleppo, 28 Oct. 2014».

As one can see only mosque and several residential buildings on the horizon remained unaffected.

Fighters' artillery and suicide bomers' acts of terror

Photo depicing FSA fighters was published at the same resorce, the caption reads: «FSA fighters prepare a locally-made mortar lancher during clashes with forces loyal to Syria's President Bashar al-Assad on the Amerya front in Aleppo, 5 Nov. 2014».

The photo was initialy published at ctvnews.ca 15 Jan. 2013. The caption reads: «The Syrians in the ruins of university destroyed by explosion, 15 Jan. 2013».

The islamist organizations took claimed responsibility for that terroristic act at Aleppo University. Series of axplosions took place in a campus and academic buildings located in city districts controlled by governmental forces.

Photo was first published at theatlantic.com 4 Oct. 2012. Caption reads: «Syrian officials gather among the destroyed buildings after series of explosions on Saadalla al-Jabri in Aleppo, 3 Oct. 2012».​

the photo was originally published at Middle East news web-site alarabiya.net 17 Jan. 2013. Captions reads: «Syrian governmental forces take positions in heavily devastated district of Aleppo in nothern Syria, 12 Jan. 2013».

The photo was published at aawsat.com 25 Jan. 2014. Caption reads: «Debris lie in a street of the nothern Syrian city of Aleppo, 24 Jan. 2014».

The photo was initially published at al-akhbar.com 27 March 2014. Caption reads: «A Syrian woman cries as she leaves residential block reportedly hit by an explosives-filled barrel dropped by a government forces helicopter 18 March 2014».

Article's title photo which was originally published at the-syrian.com 5 June 2014 depicts Aleppo ruins after an airstrike on May 29 2014.

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