Who pushes NATO into invading Syria and why?

Who pushes NATO into invading Syria and why? | Русская весна

Who’s disturbed by fragile ceasefire in Syria?

In the recent days Russia’s position in Syrian conflict fix-up ismore and more supported both by EU and from across the ocean. Russia’s position implies negotiation process intensification between all he parties of conflict (excluding terrorists) and excludes ground invasion by the third countries.

This is evidenced by the results of the recent JohnKerry’s visit to Moscow who confirmed Washington’s intentions to contonue cooperation with Moscow in Syrian conflict reconciliation after negotiations with Sergey Lavrov and Vladimir Putin.

However the calls for direct intervention into Syria’s internal affairs and full-scale military campaign are still being heard.

Just like that former foreignminister of Israel Avigdor Lieberman insists on solving the problem by NATO forces which basically espresses very popular among Israeli politics point of view.

According to him «the only way to destroy terror is to dispatch 60–70 thousand NATO toops and to clean the area between Raqqa and Mosul by eliminating all ISIS* terrorists. There is no other way. Symbolic airstrikes are of no help».

It is also specific that insisting on his position Lieberman does not focus on acting government’s prospects appealing to categories of terror.

Moreover he is trying to fnd allies of direct military invasion given recent terror attacks and underlines high possibility of terror activity shift to the brand bew level.

According to him «Europe is running forward to a catastrophe. One needs to understand which is the next stage of terror. What we see today in world’s intelligence services’ reports — main efforts of „Al-Qaeda“** and „Islamic State“ are focused on obtaining weapons of mass destruction».

So Lieberman is trying to find another pretext for NATO’s full-scale military operation in Syria by intimidating world community with ISIS terrorists’ prospects of weapons of mass destruction implementation.

However experts are pretty sure that the terrorists cannot have any weapons of mass destruction right now just like there is no way of its delivery.

First of all one cannot possibly hide presence of WMD components let alone its production. Secondly the terrorists in Syria have completely lost strategic initiative in their fight against governmental and loyalist forces and they are well aware of that. So why don’t they use such such cogent argument as WMD then? 

On that score even the American politicsand diplomats who are as well know highly inclined to active actions in case of even slightest hint to WMD presence in any country are extremely reserved now and are not eager to active actions.

Clearly the Israelis could be understood — they are trying to act to the benefit if their national interests and to topple such independent Middle Eastern force pole as Bashar al-Assad and his governement.

Especially that the present moment is the last favourable one for launching military campaign: war has already passed its cucial moment and governmental forces can gain all of SAR territories back in the nearest future. At least this is sad by some of political and military analysts. Russia is in waint-and-see position having reduced its AF activity in the region. At the same time European citizens areterrifyed by the recent terror attacks committed by Middle East immigrants.

Still we shouldn’t forget that such initiatives could lead to disturbance of a still very fragile peace construction which has been created over the last few months. Grounf operation by NAO forces or any other military alliances will inevitably result in new vawe of violence with tens or even hundreds of thousands from among Syrian people.

*, **  terrororganizations banned in Russian Federation

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