Why have CIA head come to Moscow?

Why have CIA head come to Moscow? | Русская весна

In the beginning of March John Brennan, head of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) paid official visit to Moscow. 

The information about that visit leaked to media only by March 28 and was immediately published by all the biggest media both in Russia and abroad.

Whom he met is not known but usual practice in such cases and mere protocol indicates that his Russian counterpart should have been present there – Russia's foreign intelligence service (FIS) Mikhail Fradkov. 

It is indirectly confirmed by the fact that Russian president’s press-secretary Dmitry Peskov has directly indicated that Brennan hadn’t met Vladimir Putin. Russian FM also denied meetings with CIA head during his stay in Moscow.

The fact that Russian and American parties intensified their cooperation in the field of Syrian fix-up at the level of intelligence services was confirmed by Deputy Foreign Minister Oleg Syromolotov who announced a startof bilateral consultation in this field.

He has also underlined that «Brennan’s visit and Russian troops withdrawal from Syria are not connected».

«RIA Novosti» news agency quotes Igor Morozov’s (member of Federation Council International Politics Committee and former FIS officer) opinion: «it could be assumed that Brennan came to Moscow to discuss and setll general principles and approaches to ISIS* heads elimination with he help of data ussia disposes of».

According to him «one cannot exclude that Moscow has conveyed information to Washington on Islamists’ activity transfer to the USA. After receiving such information Brennan came to make sure how threatening it is to US national security».

It is to be underlined that both intellgence services remain in constant contact which prooved to be effective and dynamic. Besides it is confidential route of inelligence and special services which is conventional for settling the most delicate problems including international policy problems

Among such problems according to the American politics is Syrian ruling regime future. As we all know Whashington makes all possible efforts to replace Assdat to more ‘comfortable’ political figure.

At the same time White House can not longer ignore Moscow’s opinion on that matter. And Moscow insists on impossibility of toppling legally elected leader of the Syria and underlines that Syrian poitical system can develop only in democratic framework which implies free determination of the Syrian people.

US embassy’s official statement says Brennan’s visit was actually connected with discussion of ceasefire problems and political reconcilation in Syria which is not possible to solve with Bashar al-Assad staying a ruling presidents of Syria according to the Amerian officials.

US embassy’s press-secretary Will Stevens says: «director Brennan confirmed exisiting support of the US officials to political transition in Syria as well as necessity of Assad’s leave to simplify political transition process which would reflect Syrian people’s will».

So CIA director’s visit to Moscow could be connected with an effort to reach compromise in Syrian future. But taking nto account Russian officials’ constancy on that matter a compromise could lie only in the fields of early presidential elections with Bashar al-Assad being one of the candidates.

* запрещенная в РФ террористическая организация

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