Who supports Islamists in nothern Syria?

Who supports Islamists in nothern Syria? | Русская весна

Western politics still try to confer all the responsibility for everything happening in Syria to Bashar al-Assad. But they are silent about USA’s and NATO’s role in weapons and ammunition delivery to Sunni armed groups which have become pretty srious radical movement and threat to Syria’s stability.

Nice example of such selective approach is West’s reaction to Palmira liberation. As we know Palmira was liberated by the Syrian governmental and loyalist forces supported by the Russian AF. Most of the American and European politics preferred to remain silent not to comment obvious sucess of Assad’s army. Some of the Western media even started to criticize SAA for leaving the town to the ISIS terrorists in May 2015. 

Journalists of one of the most influential American newspapers «The New York Times» told their readers that «terrorists met no confrontation from Syrian military when seizing Palmira». 

American journalists are being unfair as SAA deterred terrorists’ attack for seven or eight days last May with several successful counterattacks on the suburbs. When they finally retreated they took huge amount of priceless cultural artefacts to save them. 

Syrian opposition military success are mostly determined by the American, Turkish and Saudi support in particular by weapons and ammunition supplies. The Islamists seized huge territories in North-Western Syrian provinces before ceasefire came in force. 

Two months before the aforementioned events when the radicals launched massive offensive in northern province of Idlib Ankara’s and Er-Riyad’s help was decisive. Expert say that US and Saudi financial aid amounted to billions of dollars. 

The Saudis delivered anti-tank guided missiles of American origin to the «moderate» (as well as to not so moderate) opposition. Using modern precision weaponry allowed the terorists to destroy dozens of Assad’s tanks and other military equipment and to quell resistance of the Syrian army in the northern provinces after all.

It’s interesting  that “Jabhat an-Nusra”* fighters were main striking force in the vanguard of Idlib offensive. This armed group is recognized to be terror organization in many coubtries of the world. “An-Nusra” keeps terrorizing population of Aleppo and Idlib governorates killing civilians and attacking SAA and Kurds’ positions. 

«Jabhat an-Nusra» fighters were feeling pretty comfortable on Turkish border trespassing it any time they wanted on uncontrolled parts for «rehab». Turkey supplies not only weapons and amunition but also fesh fighters who arrive in Syria from Erdogan’s land. The situation on Turkish-Syrian border improved insignificantly over the last weeks however the uncontrolled ’windows’ are still working. 

* terror organizations banned in Russian Federation


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