NATO vs. Russia: who's frightening Europe with «Russian bear» — «Russian Spring» investigation

NATO vs. Russia: who's frightening Europe with «Russian bear» — «Russian Spring» investigation | Русская весна

High-ranking Western (primarily American ones) politics and military officials keep talking some «menace» to Europe emanating from Russia. What is it done for and who’s profitting from new Russophobia wave? 

During work meeting with  the United States Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter on April 5 2016 US President Barack Obama expressed his intention to build up NATO’s military presence in Europe for efficient onfrontation with Russia.

«We (the Americans) invest our military opportunities required for deterrence of aggression and protection of our allies’ security. This includes our European plans enlargement to support our NATO allies against aggressive stance from Russia», — Obama said.

statement on Russia — 1:15—1:35

The day before the Commander of U.S. European Command Philip Breedlove in his interview to Estonian journalists (ETV) made similar statement. He underlined that «over the last five years he (Vladimir Putin) invested a lot into his army. He created good ground forces. You saw his Air Force in Syria where he tried it. He created global precision-guided sea-launched missiles which had been launched both from vessels and submaines. He created an opportunity to demonstrate his power and he managed to demonstrate it».

Breedlove expressed his discontent with the fact that теdespite existing economic difficulties Moscow pursues its goals in the field of creating powerful and efficient army capable of repelling any enemy on any direction under any circumstances.

The high-ranked American general demanded his NATO partners to discusswys of opposing Russia at the coming NATO Warsaw summit in April 2016.

According to him «Russia should understand that if it crosses the border it’ll meet not just a neighbouring state but the whole NATO. NATO military bases in Baltic states, Poland and other (European) regions — such as Romaniand Bulgaria — are showing NATO on its watch, just right there».

Robert Work, Deputy Secretary of Defence has also told about Pentagon’s intentions of increasing military presence in Eastern Europe recently. According to him heavy armoured vehicles and about 4,2 thousand military personnel will be transferred to the region in the nearest future. Work believes this to be necessary for protection of the Eastern European countries from «increasing aggression from Russsi».

Why do Washington and NATO use aggressive anti-Russian stance?

NATO military and political authority seek for organization funding increase however the efforts are not so successful yet. Due to that NATO analytics spare no effort preparing various reports and analytical briefs on «Russian threat» and «Kremlin’s aggressive plans».

One of the recent documents prepared in the end of February 2016 by expert group consisting of former NATO Secretary General Jakob Gijsbert „Jaap” de Hoop Scheffer, former Commander of U.S. European Command Richard Shireff and Giampaolo di Paolo Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, overtly says that NATO’s military potential is inferior to Russia’s military poltential at the present moment.  

Russia’s Defence Ministry spokesman major-general Igor Konashenkov commented on that document and said that its main goal was not new NATO’s military strategy establisment but merely alliance’s budget increase.

According to him «American military authorities’ bold statements on Russian threat were not a suprise for us. The same tide rises every year at the same time. The reason is simple — next year’s military budgets talks».

It is worth to mention that the similar efforts bring certain fruits though. Just like that in 2015 governements of NATO-membering countries decided to refuse organziation’s funding cuts hich had bee alreade planned before.

NATO head do not conceal that drawing attention to «Russian threat» should convince European governements to increase their involvement in alliance funding after all. Despite that it’s «too soon to speak about each country spending 2% of their GDPs to military expenses» Stolteneberg believes «the things going exactly that way».

Pentagon’s own expenses are also rocketing lately. Its expenses on the so called European Securiy Initiative will be 4 times increased from 789 mln to 3,4 bln follars next year.

Main aim of that is «providing European security». Another billion for the same needs will be allocated by other institutions. It os also worth mentioning that CIA expenses remain secret under lock and key, and they may be huge (вbecause it’s CIA which bribes high-ranked state authorities, funds various non-state organizations, oppositional institutions etc.).

American «defence industry» specialties to fight Russia 

Another American military initiative aimed at «Russian military threat deterrence» ehich deserves our attention is Programm for Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Weaponry Development including «human machines». This was published by the influential American newpaper «The Washington Post». Edition’s authors quote Robert Work, official spokesman of U.S. Depratment of Degence who told them about revolutionary weaponry able to confront the Russians.

Ashton Carter has also told about such developmet programms, he has underlined that they are mostly aimed against «menace from Russia». He said «we are adapting our combat forces and means, both ours and our allies’ — to deter Russian aggression more efficiently and also to protect our allies and partners».

According to him brand new weapons to fight Russia apparently including «human machines» will be an astonishment which could not be revealed yet».

Along with these innovative programms Pentagon is consistently building up its nuclear potential, developing producing technologies for nuclear delivery systems and guidance systems. Development of drones and new kinds of strike aircrafts, laser-guidance systems and radio electronic means is funded very well.

Also according to «The Washington Post» Pentagon’s next year budget contains huge amount for hi-tec development: 3 bln dollars for next generation weapons for prevention of global strikes on U.S. Navy, 3 bln dollars for underwater systems modernization; 3 bln dollars for «human machines» and drones, almost 2 bln dollars for artificial intelligence electronic systems and 500 mln dollars for military trainings and mateiel testing.

Total budget of U.S. Defence Department for 2017 will amount to 580 bln dollars (however it is 27 bln dollars less than last years and 15 bln dollars less than Pentagon demanded).

What is it done for and what’s the Americans’ and Europeans’ attitude towards war mongering and militarism

To cut the story short – today’s war mongering and aggressive Russophobia has become usual stance for American and European politics.

It is obvious that after the USSR and the Warsaw Treaty collapse all the talks about the so called “Russian threat” have pure pracical meaning.

Such anti-Russian propaganda is necessary for American military expenses build-up. It’s also necessary to justify consistent build-up of military presence near Russian borders. This extremely annoys governments of certain countries.

Still it is pleasant to know that more and more foreign politics and citizens get tired from that hypocrisy.

Matthew dal Santo from The Nation Мэтью says EU and NATO are at information war with Russia in his article titled “Russia: Europe’s Scapegoat for all seasons”.

«Information war of EU and NATO releases them from responsibility for what’s happening making an impression that Russia provoked Middle Eastern immigrants inflow to split EU and to revive its eastern European empire. So Ukraine became the first part of that jigsaw.

It’s unimportant that many prominent Western scientists like Stephen Cohen, Richard Sakwa, Rajan Menon and Eugene Rumer have already brushed it off as utter nonsense. This lie is very convinient for NATO and European Union for intimidating European people” .

Attitude of the Italian media and readers speaks for itself. The point is that European country along with Germany has traditional and well-rooted business ties with Russia, they are significantly damaged due to mutual sanctions. That’s why experts as well as the Italians are highly sceptical about Washington’s efforts to dictate its willto Europe by pushing “Russian threat” button.

Italian Il Giornale published an article titled “Obama militarizes Europe: NATO troops versus Russia” 

Author says that the aforementioned USA’s plan to spend 3,4 bln dollars to increase its military presence in Europe «is leading to unseen escalation».

Internet users are even more harsh: they blame Obama for destabilization of Europe and demand their governments to make national interests the priority.

— There are non-Italians who have more power in Italia that Renzi and Berlusconi… For exmaple Obama, Merkel, Hollande, Soros and the other;

— This is madness, this searching of enemy. We should vote Trump as soon as possible;

— They (Europeans and Americans) should better be busy with refund Syria and Libya the «Arab spring» damage...;

— Obama uses Russia to justify military expansion in Europe. Obama knows that most Europeans want Europe to be independent;

— Congrats! We, the Europeans are stupid servants and useful idiots for USA, we accept this silent intervention of the Yankees instead of kicking their asses, to get them out of our house and return our European autonomy. Our European representatives (politics) have all become masochists, they get their pleasure from being misused and humiliated. Wake up!

— Obama is now harvesting his policy fruits. Instead of creating coalition with Russia to destroy ISIS* what does he do?? Militarizes Europe??…

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