Information war on Russia and SAR: who kills Syrian civilians and why Western media keep silence — Russian Spring investigation (VIDEO, PHOTOS 18+)

Information war on Russia and SAR: who kills Syrian civilians and why Western media keep silence — Russian Spring investigation (VIDEO, PHOTOS 18+) | Русская весна

German journalist and Russophobe, rampant advocate of the «Syrian moderate opposition» posts fakes at his Twitter account telling about «Russian AF’s crimes in Aleppo» remainingquiet about «moderate opposition’s» attacks aftermath.

Julian Röpcke is political editor at German Bild and today’s piece is dedicated to his attempts to create false picture of what’s going on in Syrian for his readers with the help of facts spinning and allegations against Russia.

«Russian Spring» has already reported that German journalist does not despise using «video evidence» taken from dubious sources (for more details please see Anti-Russian lying International: who's behind media hoaxes of "video evidences of the Russian AF crimes in Syria"? (PHOTOS, VIDEO)).

However since we have published previous article Röpcke’s style remained unchaned. He does not bother with bringing up real picture of what’s going on in Syrian creating instead a parallel reality for his Western readers.

In Röpcke’s fancy world the Russians bomb and kill civilians on daily basis and «moderate opposition» opposes Bashar al-Assad’s bloody regime.

To paint such picture Bild spares neither trouble nor expense publishing yet another «evidence of the Russians’ crimes» on Twitter. Röpcke does not spare his reputation either as he does not despise using photos and videos having no connection with the topic whatsoever.

It’s interesting how German specialist loses access to photo- an video evidences at once when it comes to attacks from the side of the so called moderate opposition.

In order to prove the point let’s have a look at Röpcke’s latest Twitter posts.

The journalist posts heartrending information about killed Syrian civilians daily blaiming Assad’s troops and Russian AF or that unequivocally.

Toconfirm his words Röpcke takes videos from quite doubtful and biased sources: in particular videoshots by «Quasioun news» agency established in Turkey in 2014 against the informational background of Middle East aggravation.

But «Quasioun news» pieces are not sample and standard of objecivity — they show just the aftermath of the strikes quite often with no particular reference to whom they were carried out.

But it’s clear for Röpcke and propagandists like him. For example the following video was posted with a сaption «Assad’s aviation has been bombing Syrian capital today». 

But when it comes to attacks of the so called moderate opposition German journalists expiences immediate ack of photographic and video evidences. For example on the 22 of July he briefly informed of attacks from the side of the “rebels”.

If we follow the link he posts we’d find bloked video and the rocket being launched does not bring out the aftermath of “rebels’ attack” to the readers.

Still they are worth Western readers’ attention who are sure of Assad being cruel towards moderate opposition. The thing is that on the 22 July this «opposition’s» attacks killed many civilians in the Western districts of Aleppo, at least one child among them.

All the Syrian media reported tragic results of Friday’s shelling

Only on the 22 of July 5 people died in Aleppo, including a mother with a child, and 30 people wounded as a result of «moderate terrorists’» attacks. 

On the next day, July 23 the US-backed fighters hit Aleppo districts controlled by the governmental forces. Death toll was 11 people and over fourty were injured.

Of course you won’t find it in Röpcke’s Twitter posts.

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So one should understand that the information about airstrikes and their consequences which is being spread by the Western media and the most rampant activists is far from reality.

The information flow is nothing more but overt anti-Russian propaganda which can be opposed in only one way: to read everything with a critical eye and to remember that today’s information war is almost as cruel and bloody as real combat is.

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