Why do you need make-up at war, or How British military create victims of Russian and Syrian AF (PHOTOS, VIDEO 18+)

Why do you need make-up at war, or How British military create victims of Russian and Syrian AF (PHOTOS, VIDEO 18+) | Русская весна

Western politicians and experts have been trying to blame Assad’s legitimate government for “crimes against Syrian civilians” for several years already. American and European media use various methods to make Damascus’ military operation look like “moderate opposition removal” instead of regaining control over terrorists’ held territories. It has been a year since Moscow has become an object of violent criticism as it has joined military operation in Syria after Syria’s president request. 

To make audiene believe in “Assad the opressor” image Western media need horrendous photos and videos of the wounded civilians, killed children, schools and hospitals bombed into dust. But the thing is when it comes to shocking executions and deliberate attacks on residential quarters “moderate terrorists” have no rivals. Just think of a teenager boy who was beheaded in Aleppo.  

Considering that it is quite hard to pass one side’s crimes off as another side’s in the digital era and any unfounded accusations are debunked in the first few hours after hoax is born the West has to resort to cunning just to create the image of «criminal regime killing its own people».

It could hardly occur to somebody that terribleburns and wounds, open fractures and other horrors of war could be literally drawn on the aces and bodies of professional actors by skillful make-up artists.

Stories like hat look like conspiracy tales until you see it with your own eyes.

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«Russian Spring» offers its readers an opportunity to learn more about HOSPEX team of British professional make-up artists’ achievements. «HOSPEX» stands for «Hospital Exercises»and organization’s initial goal was quite noble: to teach British medical staff to react coolly to lumps they might encounter while working in flash points and in manmade disasters areas. 

However horrible wounds and burns created by make-up artists for teaching rescue staff could not leave the informational war ideologists untouched. It was decided to use them for blackening Syrian legitimate authorities. 

Photos and videos we are currently talking about are dated from 2013-2014 but the haven’t lost their relevance. First of all because they were left witjout attention by the Russian media due to Donbass conflict and Ukrainian crisis. So the grand fake went unnoticed by the Russian audience.

Secondly because the West keeps using fake wounds to wage informational war on Russia. Internet users should be well-informed of make-up artists’ and actors’  skills to oppose deceitful propaganda.

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So upon a closer view it turns out that BBC documentary titled “Saving Syria’s children” released on September 30, 2013 is a well-staged video. Just like the other materials on the same topic which were supposedly filmed on August 26, 2013 in Atareb hospital where fire-bombing aftermath in Aleppo province is shown. 

This is BBC news broadcast dated September 30, 2013 года where one can see horrendous lumps the children supposedly got during Aleppo school airstrike by the Syrian Air Forces. 

The broadcast is over, the whole world is terrified, the West keeps crying about «Assad the oppressor who must be stopped immideately».

Then one year later one of night news adte August 11, 2014 doctor Saleyha Ahsan, one of the two British doctors who took part in filming of «Saving Syria’s children» told that UK medical services were ready to field use due to «HOSPEX» programme which includes «macrosimulation of scircumstances identical to those on a battlefield».

Doctor Ahsan told that the main principle of «macrosimulation» was maximum possible approximation to reality.

Taking into account professional level of fake wounds and other injuries  it becomes clear how that “maximum approximation” is reached. 

What is HOSPEX

HOSPEX programme is described as a «deeply rooted part of the training preceding Afganistan operation».

It was estblished in the Cold War era, HOSPEX trainings are held at Army Medical Services Training Centre — AMSTC located not far from York.

«Military medicine» journal as of April 2008 says the following about AMSTC:

«The Object (Centre) lies on a total area of 20,000 ha where all services are loacted… and could be transformated to train any medical staff including imitation of chemical, biological, radiational and nuclear weapon implementation…

Realism if one of the most important parts of any imitational training complex  that is why the victims at our trainings are as real as possible. 

To reach that we involve professional actors dressed and made-up by the staff constnstly working for film production».

As a result HOSPEX resources allow to create videos of such kind sending shivers down the spine:

Please compare the photo below depicting a professional actor who plays a man with terrible burns with one of the victims from 10pm BBC news broadcast dated August 29, 2013. Thу first photo was published in «Military medicine» journal.

The photo was made at medical Service Training Centre, «Military Medicine», 2008

«Victim Х» from 10 pm BBC news broadcast dated August 29, 2013

This photo (which was made during military training under HOSPEX programme in 2009) could be also compared with another one which was published by BBC journalists on April 23, 2014  which supposedly depicts another victim of napalm bombardment of Atareb hospital in Aleppo on August 26, 2013:

It is obvious that the same stuff was used to make “victims” up, and the same specialists directly connected with UK Armed Forces were involved to create these “masterpieces”.

So when you stumble upon a news of «another atrocities of Moscow or Damascus» think of the «artistic possibilities» of the Western propaganda machine.

Why do you need make-up at war, or How British military create victims of Russian and Syrian AF (PHOTOS, VIDEO 18+) | Русская весна
Why do you need make-up at war, or How British military create victims of Russian and Syrian AF (PHOTOS, VIDEO 18+) | Русская весна
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