Western popaganda is broken: BBC admits the Syrians seek help and safety at Assad's (PHOTOS)

Western popaganda is broken: BBC admits the Syrians seek help and safety at Assad's (PHOTOS) | Русская весна

As Aleppo liberation is picking up steam the main clashes take place in the Eastern part of the city where loyalist forces are putting pressure on Islamist thugs.

As reported by «Russian Spring», Kurdish YPG units along with Syrian Arab Army are liberating Eastern districts of Aleppofrom the terrorists, the operation waslaunched 14 days ago.  

The civilians are forced to flee from rapidly moving battle line. They are evacuating to Ashrafiya quarter controlled by the Kurdish forces. Number of Syrian civilians who fled there already exceeds 6 000 according to YPG press-service.

The are also fleeing into Western districts of Aleppo controlled by Syrian government. Refugees’ number is groeing every hour and the stream is so huge even BBC was forced to tell the truth. Please remember that BBC which never was unbiased in Syrian conflict coverage .

«Aleppo civilians seek government safety» — the piece uder such title was publushed on November 27.

But everything clicked into place when some time later the title was edited to a neutral one «Aleppo civilians into Syrian government-controlled areas».

Still the truth breakout wasn't left unnoticed, Twitter users cannot hide astonishment «Am I dreaming? Is it really BBC?!» 


Then Virginia Republcan senator Richard Black  о tweets how ten thousand civilians flee rebels and Syria breaks terrorist stranglehold on East Aleppo.

All of these is yet another proof of Western media full awareness of real situation in Syria but fooling aroung their audience and readers and playing in the same league as armed Islamists and the so called moderate opposition. 

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