They cannot cope with Russia's growing influence: Western Russophobic journalists go hysterical (PHOTO)

They cannot cope with Russia's growing influence: Western Russophobic journalists go hysterical (PHOTO) | Русская весна

There has been a clear trend of rethinking dead-lock confrontation policy towards Russia over the last few weeks in the Western world. The trend which has been dominating in the world for the last two years.  

Realizing the dead end coming on the road of refusing to work with Russia in global terrorism fight and awkward attempts to affect Russia’s foreign policy by imposing sanctions came while Donald Trump won the presidency race in the US.

Republican candidate’s triumph who voiced his readiness to stand along with Russia to fight the biggest world’s challenges more than once demonstrated that the majority of US citizens are tired of Washington’s imperial stance and want to bounce over to dialogie with Moscow instead of growing confrontation.

Similar situation is gradually establishing in Europe: wins of «pro-Russian candidates» (as they were called in the media) on presidential elections in Moldavia and Romania, primaries’ results in France where Francois Fillon became the only candiate from opposition advocating sanctions lift and dialogue with Moscow – all of these wintness positive shifts in European conciousness.

What do we speak of France when even Angela Merkel who has been stubbornly pushing anti-Russian sanctions idea for 2,5 years said about “revisioning Russia-NATO relations”.

German chancellor’s «tricky move» has quite a rational explanation: while Angela Merkel decided to run for chancellor for the fourth time she had to consider sentiment of the average Germans which showed growing support of Russia.

Herewith Merkel herself can only dream of such popularity level Russian president Vladimir Putin enjoys in Germany.

Russian military campaign in Syria plays big role in Russia’s positive image for EU and US citizens: as we all know Syrian army supported by Moscow have liberated Eastern Aleppo from “Jabhat an-Nusra*” terrorists.

In this context it is interesting to look at some Moscow’s critics producing more and more fantastic accusations in the haze of impotent rage.

Speaking about mad Russophobes nor can we think of German Bild political editor Juian Röpke called “Jihadi Julian” in Middle Eastern Twitter and Facebook segments for biased and radical coverage of Syrian events full of irrational hatred towards Russia and Bashar al-Assad.

«Russian Spring» has covered his «activity» by analyzing where his information comes from.

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One year has passed since then but the main topic and overall style remained the same. Untouched is promiscuity in selecting sources of information, spinning and perverted assessment of facts.

To see that for yourself you just need to have a look at his Twitter account and recent tweets.

For example Bild editor criticizes ARD’s Tagesthemen moderator for calling Assad’s army «Syrian governmental troops».

Seems that Röpke thinks that the army obeying legitimate president should be better called «bandits» or «aggressor».

Of course he constantly reports evidence-free accusations of Russia: in his imagination Russian Air Forces destroy civil objects here and there all the time.


Still it’s obvious that Bild political editor makes such publications not because he knows nothing about real situation. That strategy presupposes serving interests like pumping up overall tension and strife in the world, preventing national idea from reviving both in Russia and in Europe.

Making the Europeans think that national states are in the past and the national identity should be changed for «open doors» policy for cultural aliens and criminalized immigrants from Arab and African countries – all of these was withing competention of the USA and powerful Western funds. 

Will this practice be changed when White House gets new master we do not know. That is why the main recipe for dealing Western propaganda remains the same: critical thinking habit and verifying everything which is reported by those like Röpke.

* terror group banned in Russian Federation

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