American strike on Syria and oddities of UN's chemcal weapon report

American strike on Syria and oddities of UN's chemcal weapon report  | Русская весна

UN and OPCW experts’ report has been published in New York yesterday following the results of investigation of chemical attacks in the Syrian cities.  

As anticipated the report arose many questons from outside observers and the Sytian authorities were ranked together with terror organizations. 

UN Security Council was presented with the results of the investigaton of the incidents in Umm-Hosh (Septemer 15, 2016) and Khan-Sheikhoun (April 4, 2017). despite the fact that the results were not presented to the public yet certain information has leaked to the press.

In particular according to Nikki Haley (US Permanent Representative to UNO) Joint International Investigation team expets laid the responsibility for using sarine gas on official damascus and for the last year’s Umm-Hosh attack on ISIS*.

Not everybody was content with those results. Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minster Sergey Ryabkov said that “after quick glance at the documents there were detected numerous methodological misakes, logical and other mismatches and internal contradictions". Indeed, the UN and OPCW’s approach to investigating chemical attacks was quite questionable from te very beginning.  

It’s enough to say that the so called moderate opposition’s militants’ words were used as an eidential base and nothing else. Those militants fought against governmental forces.

Taking into account the unconcealed striving of Assad’s rivals to strip him of his powers and their repeated messages about working hand-in-hand with international extremist groups it is hard to imagine that the information received from those «opressed by regime» is credible and true.

Another thing which astonished outside observers was JI team’s refusal to visit  Shayrat airfied which was (according to USA) departure airport for the planes loaded with chemicals. 

Eventually amid public criticism they visited Shayrat but did not collect any of the required probes there. 

Anyway everything which is connected with UN and OPCW recent joint acitivity is accompanied with scandals. Several days ago Washington put to a vote at UN Security Council Joint investigation tems’s lease of power which expires only in a month. Russia blocked that resoluton then saying that it was necessary to wait commission’s activity results.

Considering lame investigation results and lack of any evidence pointing at justness and validity of accusations one may sat that Moscow’s position was right.

It is notable that the raw and lame report found its advocates. Besides Miss Haley Un Secretary General António Guterres ​expressed his admiration of «professionalism and objectiveness of the (investigation – edit.) mechanism». He expressed gratitude t mission’s managers and xperts for their “dedicaion”.

As for reaction of the American side it was predictable even at the stage of UNO and OPCW joint team powers prolongation suggestion preparation. 

Taking into acount America’s persistence in jamming the undue initiative through wecould assme that Washignton got clear view on investigation results. Nikki Haley hуrself was a sufficient evidence а to that when she appeared at report announcement with photographs of the dead children. 

Anyway the facts remain the same: UN allowed to draw itself into the game under American rules, which means that world community’s acit approval will lead to further degradation of the international organization which is quite dangerous.

Riyad Fareed Hijab, exclusively for «Russian Spring»


* terror organization banned in Russian Federation

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