«Shock»: «100 000 dead» Russian mercenaries — response to Reuters (DOCUMENT)

«Shock»: «100 000 dead» Russian mercenaries — response to Reuters (DOCUMENT) | Русская весна

For the first 9 months of 2017 130 Russian citizenssupposedly died in Syria. This was recently reported by reuters, “reference fro Russian consulate” in Damascus was published as an evidence.

News agency underlines that the numder does not include military losses which are counted separately. According to reuters the number incorporates private military advisors fighting on the side of Russian-Syrian alliance. 

Reuters detected the abovementioned quantity of Russian citizens who had died in SAR after analyzing data provided in «reference n death» № 131 dated 04.10.17, issued to 36 y.o. Krasnodar resident Sergey Poddubniy who died on 28.09.2017 in Tias, Homs province.

Liberal, Ukrainian and other anti-Russian media eagerly caught the topic and published dozens of articles about Russia’s «huge losses» in Syria. 

The Ukranian went even further and totally twisted Reuters piece. Gordon.ua resource published the artcile titled: «More than 130 Rusian servicemen have died in Syria since the beginning of the year — Reuters».

The most reliable Ukrainian the so called media turned «mercenaries» into regular army service members though the British put it clear: «losses of Russian armed forces are accounted separately».

«Voice of America» decided to bring some joy to its Russophobic readers by voicing graet losses among «soldiers of fortunes».

It’s unclear how Lenta.ru got into that boat but Rambler news aggregator immediately sucked the piece in: Leaked: losses among mercenaries in Syria 

“Russian Spring” obtained two references, one of them says that one hundred thousand Russian mercenaries died in Syria and the last of them died just yesterday.  

Petro Alekseyevich Poroshenko — preliminary data indicate that he went for money and died from «butt blast» in Karasi (crucian carp – edit.) village, Homs province as evidenced by that reference. 

Anticipaing some readers’ doubt we would like to provide the facts which make us doubt reliability of Western propaganda about huge Russian losses.

In Reuters’ “document” consul name appeas as Guseynov Z.A. but “Russian Spring” found out that the real name of Russian consul in Damascus was Autayev Turpal Saitadlanovich which is specified on Russian Fregn Ministry’s website. 

We even have real death reference signed by that diplomat but it concerns tragedy of the real Russian family so we don’t have right to publish it. That is why we show just one part of the document. If you compare it to Reuters “document” you may make a conclusion that the letterhead repeats «Form 33», official «death certificate».

Another oddity — reason of death — «carbonization of the body», a dotor would write «death from shock induced by burns» or use any other medical terms. 

Then British news agency claims that relatives of the deceased had told them that Sergey Poddubniy was employed at private military company.

Russian expat community in Syria mortality and reference №131

Let’s assume that despite all the abovementioned oddities the reference is authentic. We do not doubt that fact that PMC suffer losses in Syria the question is which kind of losses and why number of reference should be counting number of teh deceased. 

Reuters in its article do not claim that all the deceased are Russian «soldiers of fortune».

The news agency reached Russian diplomat who asked not to be named and said that death quantity is unususally high. «As if expat community is extincting», — he said.

The main conclusion on PMC high death toll based on Reuters document was made by the other propagandist media and it is quite illogical . And here is why. 

Average mortality rate in Russia is 13 in 1000 per year.

Russian expat community in SAR is not that small. In 2012 deputy head of Consulate department of Foreign Ministry of Russia Aleksandr Prosvirkin said that thousands of Rssian citizens libed in Syria and were not intended to leave it. 

In february 2013 Russian community in Syria counted not less that 20–30 thousand except Russian specialists. If counted together with family members it could reach up to 100 thousand. These numbers were given by «Russkiy mir» fund which cooperates with Russian Foreign Ministry. Most of the expats are women who married Syrians long before the war. 

It is wide known that many our fellow nationals have left SAR after war unfolded, now there are no more than eight thousand Russians.

Let’s count approximate mortality rate among 8000 grown-ups under general statistics.

8 multiply by 13 and get 104. Now correct the result because only 9 months passed — three wuarters of a year — this would be 75%, 75% from 104 equals 72-м.
I.e. minimum 72 persons out of 131 have most likely died of natural cause.

Besides one should take into acount that mortality rate is usually higher in hot climate countries with unflding war. The climate is not natural for non-residents. There are plenty of venomous insects and uncmmon diseases. 

Then it is necessary to mention that since the beginning of RuA operation in Syria there are many civil specialists of — these are employees of various commercial, oil, construction, agricultural, trade, humanitarian and other companies. Numerous state employees with interpreters and Oriental scholars stay in long missions in SAR. All those people number in the thousands, some of them inevitably die.

For example according to RosTurizm official data 125 Russian have died in Turkey this year.

Real PMC losses

There is no doubt that private military companies suffer losses in Syria because war is war but it’s worth mentioning that American PMC suffer equatable losses. Mind that there are many of them, the biggest in the world is Academi, former Blackwater, there are also MPRI, FDG, Northbridge Services Group.

Thousands of mercenraies of these and other PMC fight in America’s zone of interest all over the world including Syria. 

American PMC’s losses are on everyone’s lips, they have lost 2400 people according to official data only in Iraq. Nobody knows how many mercenaries fight there but they are not less than regular ground forces service members. Moreover thare is no information on excat number of the deceased American mercenaries. Those losses are not counted neither by media nor by human rights monitors or other truth seekers. 

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