«NATO's worst nightmare»: Russia's threatening power and USA's move (PHOTO)

«NATO's worst nightmare»: Russia's threatening power and USA's move (PHOTO) | Русская весна

Reputable american outlet National Interest published an article «NATO's Worst Nightmare: Russia's Kaliningrad Is Armed to the Teeth». According to the author Charlie Gao, Russian missiles and ships stationed in Kaliningrad region threaten Baltic countries and Poland as well as NATO troops deployed there. 

Besides author believes that the alliance does not have enough opportunities that could be countered by Russian troops in this region at the moment. So if war breaks, the alignment of forces in the Baltic Sea will be in Russia's favor.

The article refers to the Iskander missile system as the most significant threat to the North Atlantic alliance. Further, for the sake of persuasiveness, it is described how Russia can destroy all life in the Baltic region from its stronghold — «Kaliningrad armed to the teeth». 

It is remarkable that the article was published on May 25, just before the large-scale NATO exercises «Saber Strike» in the Baltics. This is the annual perfoemance. To justify strengthening of its eastern flank media of the alliance members are trumpeting about the military power of Russia threatening the West, the counterweight to which needs to be created and strengthened.

The main emphasis on Kaliningrad in that article is not an accident. The task for the forthcoming drills will be seizure of Kaliningrad region. This can be seen right now, before the drills.

The 2nd Cavalry Regiment of the US Army tells about preparation for the maneuvers on its official Twitter page.

The photo in the articles captures the moment when the concept of the upcoming exercises on the map is being amended by American servicemen, one can clearly see that the red color is Russian Kaliningrad.

Let's keep in maind that in NATO countries, as well as in Russia, probable opponents are marked red on the maps.

There is also a photo of personnel inspection and military equipment preparation before transportation to the Baltic States.







Victor Kurbatov, exclusively for «Russian Spring»

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