Su-34 and American commandos' tears

Su-34 and American commandos' tears | Русская весна

The anti-Russian stance in the West involuntarily exposed the secret springs of world Russophobia. Western propaganda is raving and storming.

Russia isbeing accused of everything that can even be thought of.

First, Washington incriminated Putin with malicious interference in the US elections, then London accused Russia of poisoning Skripal and his daughter, then the United States blamed Moscow for the alleged chemical attack in the Syrian Douma.

And this, not to mention incessant and loud accusations of «Russian cunning» of «barbaric treachery,» «aggression against Ukraine,» and «annexation of Crimea».

Запад кричит, что он таким образом «защищает демократию». Но стоит копнуть поглубже, обнаруживается истинная, тайная подоплёка происходящего. The West screams that it thus «defends democracy». But when one gifa a bit deeper, a true, secret underpinning of what is happening reveals itself.

In fact, all that rumpus is organized by the West with one and only aim: to divert attention of its voters from their own dirty deeds, from the dullness and incompetence of their political elite, from the shameful failures of their special services and the infamous defeats of the intelligence groups of the «elite» Western special forces.

For instance in the midst of the Skripals case scandal some French media reported a large group of British servicemen being captured in Syria while coordinating and supporting terrorists in East Ghouta.

But against screaming and shouting about «Russian poisoners» and «Kremlin's long arm» these sensational messages remained virtually unnoticed.

The light of such events, extremely unpleasant for London, Skripals' case was staged, and then — «chemical attack» in the suburb of Damascus, which was the basis for a joint Anglo-American-French strike against Syria.

But some questions remain: why did the West react so hystericalyl and disproportionally to an ordinary event like that (after all, American, and British, and French commandos were already captured by Assad's forces before)?

The answer is simple: the old mechanisms to get Western intelligence officers out of «Assad's bloody claws» do not work any more.

All these manipulations with the Skripals, fake chemical attacks and cruise missiles were required by Washington, London and Paris just because the former scenarios for buying out or exchanging the captured Western agents from the Syrians simply stalled! Are you asking me why's that?

That's Elementary, Watson: against real proximity of Syria's complete liberation from bandits and thugs, whom the West persistently calls «moderate opposition,» Assad simply refused to return the captured NATO instructors, as he decided to keep them for future in order to trade in more favorable conditions.

By the way, it wasn't the first capture of the western special forces's fighetrs. As early as 2013, 23 fighters of the French Special Operations Command were captured in Aleppo, where they were establishing cooperation with ISIS* units, coordinating their actions and providing technical support.

A year earlier 40 Turkish and 20 French officers who had fought on terrorists' side were captured in Homs. But the most large-scale incident occurred in December 2016 in Aleppo, when Americans, French and English were captured by Assad's forces. They were not some rank-and-file mercenaries from PMCs, but regular servicemen, some of the theme even very high-ranking ones.

Such incidents do not go without regular army servicemen. So, on September 23, 2017, as a result of a massive mortar fire and rocket artillery, the militants killed Russian Lieutenant-General Valery Asapov, who was at the command post of the 5th Volunteer Assault Corps of the Syrian Army to assist in the operation of Deir-ez-Zor liberation.

Only American intelligence could have information on Russian general's exact location and timing. It was the American intelligence which gave the terrorists precise target designation.

In response Russian Air Forces (a link of Su-34 bombers covered by Su-35 fighters) covered the site of a meeting of US intelligence agents with the leaders of the banned radical Islamist terrorist group «Hayat Tahrir-ash-Sham» («Dzhabhat an-Nusra»*, «Al-Qaeda»*) with precice rocket strike in just three days after the incident.

As a result of the operation, 32 people were killed, including a group of US special forces of 14 fighters guarding that gathering.

Is that surprising that against this background — in order to camouflage the next «feats» of the western commandos in Syria — the Skripals case had been staged and then low-budget feature film about Douma «chemical attack» had been staged?
И это шоу будет, несомненно, продолжено по мере появления новых фактов о преступлениях спецслужб Запада на Ближнем Востоке. А таких преступлений, можете не сомневаться, великое множество… This show will undoubtedly continue as new facts about Western sprecial forces' crimes in the Middle East shall emerge. There are plenty of them, have no doubts. 

For example, only now, when the former French President Nicolas Sarkozy almost got into jail for taking multimillion-dollar bribe from Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, it became clear that in 2011 it was Paris that initiated western aggression against Libya in order to hide that shameful fact. And it was the French undercover agent who blent in with the crowd on October 20, 2011 in Tripoli and shot Gaddafi in the head …

But such scenarios definitely will not work today in Syria. Kremlin will not allow it, Moscow will not allow it. So that is why our opponents are so mad, feeling they lost this war to Russia.

We are the Russians, God is with us! Bless us Lord!

Konstantin Dushenov

* terror organization banned in Russian Federation

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