Fierce battle for Syria between USA and Russia: Washington prepares new strike

Fierce battle for Syria between USA and Russia: Washington prepares new strike | Русская весна

The relationship between Russian and Western diplomacy has been recently resembling a fierce battle on rapiers: exchanges of jabs and attacks following one another with an enviable frequency.

For us, the outside observers, this fight is stretched in time, but in the diplomatic space the fight is fierce and hot. On the cutting edge most often flashes Maria Zakharova, whose sharpness will give odds to some rapier. I'm talking, of course, about the fake chemical attack in Douma.

As you know, the West tends to use children to create information weapons.

We all remember the lifeless body of Ailan Kurdi, thrown on the Turkish shore after the boat, on which his family tried to flee from Syria, had overturned.

This cruel tragedy served as a fuel for a new round of the Western propaganda machine. Today, Ailan is forgotten by the West.

We also remember the story of another boy, Omran Daknish from Aleppo, whose photographs went viral giving another rise to accusations against Russia.

Militants fired at his house, trying to simulate the impact of Russian aviation. But Omran was lucky — he did not die unlike the five other children who also lived in that house.

Many got acquainted with the «activity» of the «White Helmets», who struggled to create the impression that this shelling by islamist gangs was an air strike of the Russian Air Force. Today Omran is also forgotten by the West.

And finally, Hasan Diab, who escaped with fright and wet clothing during filming of the «White Helmets» production video about chemical attack allegedly committed in Douma by Syrian governmental forces.

The shots with Hassan — a miserable, frightened, wet boy — also went viral.

The video filmed by the «White Helmets» served as an excuse for the Yankees to launch a missile strike against Syria. And after that the West would like to forget Hassan as well … But it did not work out, Russia did not let it happen.

Diab's family, as well as several other «actors» in the video, were found by our specialists. The head of the family — Omar, realizing that in addition to cookies and dates his son received for shooting in the fake video, his country, Syria, also received a large batch of Tomahawks, agreed to travel to The Hague.

This is where this fierce diplomatic battle began. At OPCW meeting where the «witnesses» of the fake chemical attack in Syria were represented, representatives of Great Britain, France and the United States refused to attend.

The «witnesses» themselves were accused of insincerity. This was the best visual illustration of the «objectivity» of Western political institutions and Western journalism.

Well, we brought live witnesses of the fact that the attack in Douma was staged, but we were not wanted guests there.

They fought off with pretentious formulations such as the statements of the representative of Great Britain in the OPCW Peter Wilson: «OPCW is not a theater. Russia's desire to simplify everything is a new attempt to undermine the work of the OPCW, in particular, the work of its mission investigating the use of chemical weapons in Syria».

But Zakharova continues to destroy the remnants of Western authority, destroying the myth of its commitment to the so-called Western values.

On the air of «Russia 1» TV channel she told how journalists received 17 wetnessws at OPCW headquarters in Hague, one of the sacred centers of democracy and all those beautiful values ​​ about which politicians and media of Europe so often like to speak:

«The first question was asked by a British journalist, he immediately asked the Syrians about how much they were paid for participating in this briefing. This is the top of cynicism, the question is rudeness, was specially set up to bring people into a stupor, immediately blaming them for bribery, lies and intentional disinformation».

Zakharova promised to name those journalists at the nearest briefing. 

Some of them, according to Zakharova, tried to hide their jeers after an external manifestation of care: «Journalists who for many years exploited the thesis of democracy, (…) then the image of children, now ask the child whether a psychological trauma is inflicted on the child when as he is brought ti The Hague? »

I have a question then: «When „White Helmets” were pouring the boy with water and shouted about chemical contamination, did they not cause him psychological trauma?»

Looks like Zakharova and the entire diplomatic apparatus coming into attack position are not going to stop this duel.

In addition, the US intelligence services are preparing a new fake chemical attack. This time it will be shot at Al-Jafra oil field near Deir ez-Zor, where the US military base is located. Right now, civilians are being brought there for filming.

«White Helmets» were «cut» from money pipe, and the Yankees, apparently, took preparation of the provocation in theor own hands.

Seems that the Western world is swiftly pupating, fencing with media censorship and ignoring political institutions.

However, the Western world is not the whole world and not even the largest part of it. Okay, we already knew that the American and European media are biased and their politicians are cynical liars, but thanks to our Ministry of Foreign Affairs, now everyone can be convinced of this.

He that heareth, let him hear.

Anton Orlovskiy

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