USA «attack» Russian fighter plane: Washington «ordered a hit» on Su-57 (VIDEO)

USA «attack» Russian fighter plane: Washington «ordered a hit» on Su-57 (VIDEO) | Русская весна

Look at the Americans, how frustrated they are when they fail to reach the set tasks.

For example, they wanted to create the best fighter plane and then sell it around the world. Have they succeed? No they haven't! And then there is Russia and its Su planes the whole world admires at.

Some time before National Interest published an unflattering article about Su-57 fighter planes of the fifth generation. The authors of the article come to conclusion that Moscow spent enormous resources while developing these «winged vehicles», but it did not achieve high results. Like, Russia will continue to use the Su-35.

Meanwhile the authors for some reason chose not to focus on a lot of factors which contradict the experts' conclusions. Roughly speaking, they «doused» the designers and engineers responsible for Su-57 construction and the fighter itself was called a rude word.

Meanwhile following the situation in the world one could notice that the Turkish government just let the United States know that if they do not provide Ankara with the promised F-35 and will not extradite Fethullah Gulen to Turkey, Turkey will acquire Su-57 fighters from Russia in exchange.

Exactly the same planes which according to some strange coincidence are criticized by National Interest.

Also, criticism of Russian aircraft «in a random way» coincided with «Aviadarts-2018» competition. It was exactly where our fighters simulated a combat turn and ground targets attack and these footage went viral on the Internet.

Lut us not forget that the reputation of the American F-35 fighter is far from fantastic. Experts and specialists have repeatedly come to the conclusion that these planes are flaw design and too expensive in addition.

Having regard to the above one may assume that criticism of the Su-57 is nothing more than propaganda. After all, judging by the fact that the article appeared just at the moment when the Turks refuse F-35 in favor of Moscow, and the Su-57 successfully participate in «Aviadarts-2018» competition, all this is no coincidence.

Anton Orlovskiy, exclusively for “Russian Spring”

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