US military in Central Asia gone mad: Pentagon blaims «Russian Spring» for «gruesome crimes» (VIDEO)

US military in Central Asia gone mad: Pentagon blaims «Russian Spring» for «gruesome crimes» (VIDEO) | Русская весна

US military information warfare experts don’t stop spreading lies about Russia in Central Asia.

The eighth battalion of the 4th group of information support for military operations and their resource “Karavansaray” no longer denies that it uses fakes in their psy-ops. Trying to accuse “Russian Spring”, other Russian media and bloggers of spreading false information, they almost agreed that they use inaccurate information, and comments left by unknown users on Internet were the main evidence for the.

Don’t forget that the Russian-language propaganda website "Karavansaray" is funded by the United Central Command of the US Armed Forces and is aimed at the audience of Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

The site frankly says: "Karavansaray" is a website run with the support of the US Central Command to highlight the process of establishing stability in the Central Asia through multilateral cooperation.

Pentagon vs. «Russian Spring»

Earlier “Russian Spring” reported that this military propaganda site claimed that Moscow had allegedly ordered the militants to destroy schools and roads in Afghanistan.

But the most surprising nonsense is that Russia allegedly supplies drugs to Afghanistan (!), i.e. to the country producing about 90% of all opium and heroin in the world ...

In response to our article “Karavansaray” released “debunking” piece, which stated that:

“The pro-Kremlin site “Russian Spring” has been trying for some time to destroy a growing pile of evidence that Kremlin is financing and supplying “Taliban”.”

“The resource (i.e., we) covers pro-Russian separatists’ acticity in Ukraine and often publishes“ fake news, ”says the site, subordinated to USCENTCOM.

It is interesting that the American psychological warfare specialists  could not bring even a single fact about the "evidence destruction by “Russian Spring" and several more pro-Kremlin websites”, the evidence showing that Kremlin is engaged in funding and supplying the Taliban *.

The propagandists confined themselves to such a hysterical statement release – plenty of loud words and a complete lack of common sense and logic.

Frankly speaking it’s not very clear how in the Internet era we could physically destroy some kind of mythical “pile of evidence”. It seems that the guys from CENTCOM are addicted to the Afghan heroin and no longer distinguish junkies’ hallucinations from reality.

We would like to mention another screaming incompetence of Pentagon’s propagandists. These mental retards from CENTCOM climed that the article about their insane fakes was copypasted by “Russian Spring” from an unknown, but, according to them, also the “pro-Kremlin” resource Pravda News (the site ranks 1777 in global rating of all news resources and media in Russia). In fact, everything is exactly the opposite, these guys just copied our article having completely retained our text and title and left the source link under the news.

“Recent attacks on “Karavansaray” performed by pro-Kremlin media are not the first our site encounters with,” the statement from the US Central Command says

It should be noted that “Karavansaray” is targeed at Central Asian countries’ residents and this once again proves that Pentagon has big plans to strengthen its presence in the region. Unfortunately, as is often the case, such a strengthening of the United States occurs through Russophobia and destabilization of the situation.

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* terror organization banned in Russian Federation. 

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