Will USA disrupt national reconciliation process in Syria?

Will USA disrupt national reconciliation process in Syria? | Русская весна

Three weeks after cessation of hotilities came in force in Syria it turned out that the USA were the weak link in fragile ceasefire.

Washington’s rooted inability to compromise, cooperate with the other participants and finding out of the complicated diplomatic dead ends may bury the Syrians’ hopes to shift armed stand-off between the so called opposition and governmental forces into legal terrain.

Point is that one of the key provisions of the agreement reached by Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama February 22nd  – Russia and USA as co-chairmen of Syria International Support group should launch effective control mechanism over ceasefire observation both by official Damascus and numerous opposition groups declaring readiness to cease hostilities and start civilized political dialogue.

It is to be underlined that Moscow has done everything to launch effective control mechanism.

Just like that, before ceasefire regime took effect, on Februay 25 Russia’s Defense Ministry had sent proposal project on possible ways of joint control imlementation to the USA representatives through the military-diplomatic channels. After the American side gave its feedback Russia refined the text and sent it again to the American military on March 5th.

However single supervisory mechanism elaboration is stumbled since then.

«Russian side proposed to hold experts consultations to adjust text (of agreement – edit) as soon as possible. But Russian-American negotiations in Amman (Jordan – edit.) on March 18th revealed America’s non-readiness for further detailed consulatations, finalization and approval», — told Sergey Rudskoy, Lieutenant General, Chief of Main Operations Directorate of the General Staff of Russia’s AF on March 21.

Due to such unconstructive position of the American partners Russia declared readiness to observe ceasefire control agreement unilaterally starting from March 22. This decision was voiced by Sergey Rudskoy on Monday.

He specified that «military power will be used only after obtaining strong proofs of systematic breach of commitments taken under joint Russian-American agreement on cessation of hostilities in Syria as of February 22 2016».

Moscow still awaits signal from Washington on readiness to develop cooperation in Syria. Russian side proposes to hold consultations for adjusting the text of the aforementioned agreement, in particular American delegation is invited to Russia or to any other acceptable destination.

«Russian side declares determination to finish the proposed document, to accept American delegation in Moscow or to hold a meeting at any place acceptable for both parties», — Rudskoy underlined.

Why do the Americans having an A pronounced stubbornly refuse to pronounce B and to start really control ceasefire observation in Syria?

Point is that Washington is well aware of who could possibly breach (and breaches) fragile Syrian ceasefire. These are the notorious “moderates opposition” armed groups bred and fed by the American military advisers. Many of these groups are very close to be international terrorists and have been excluded out of ceasefire agreement.

Rodi Osman, Syrian Kurdistan representative in Moscow told journalists March 21 that fighters associated with Free Syrian Army (FSA) keep breaching cessation of hostilities though FSA formally joined ceasefire agreement. «Forces affiliated with FSA besiege Sheikh-Maqsud district in Aleppo where civilians die and get wounded every day», — he underlined.

But of course Washington is not interested at ll in striking the armed groups which are to destroy Assad’s regime loathed by America. But signing ceasefire obsevation control agreement will be binding for the USA.

So Russia is forced to act alone, just like many times before, making all the decisive moves for ceasefire regime in Syria to be observed instead of turning into useless folding screen with full-swing combat behind.

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